Tooth Braces

Dental braces are an orthodontic treatment used to properly align teeth, relieve pressure on the temporomandibular joints, and align the upper and lower jaws. Braces are made of metal bands that are cemented to the molars and metal brackets that are directly glued to the front teeth. Orthodontists use this treatment to move a patient's teeth or underlying bone.

A person may inherit tooth crowding, misalignment, or similar problems from their parents. This is generally seen in children between the ages of six to twelve years old. Causes of a bad bite (or malocclusion) include extra teeth, an unaligned jaw, and muscular functional habits such as thumb-sucking in and beyond infancy

It is recommended to seek correction between ages eight and fourteen years old to achieve optimal results. Adults who seek to correct tooth alignment face more challenges than do children, and may have to wear retainers at night for the rest of their lives to continue to achieve best results. In adults, the jaw bone itself can be altered only by surgery. Treatment takes longer for adults because adult facial bones are no longer growing.

Types Of Braces

1. Stainless steel braces.
2. Tooth coloured braces.
3. Coloured braces.

Pain and discomfort is common after adjustment of braces. Therefore, a person may be unable to eat solid foods for a couple days after treatment. Soft foods and liquids are recommended during this time.

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