Dental Implants

In cases where the teeth have had to be removed for some unavoidable reason, they have to be replaced to maintain both the harmony of the face and also the ability to eat properly.

Bridges have been the commonest mode of replacing teeth so far.We are now entering the era of using Implants to replace the missing teeth. In Bridges, the adjacent teeth are used as supports on which the replacement tooth rests.

In the case of Implants, Titanium Implants are placed in the bone surgically. This mimics the function of the root of a tooth. A few months are given for the Titanium Implant to be Osseintegrated with the Bone. After this a ceramic tooth is put over the implant. This now functions as a normal tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Preservation of adjacent natural teeth.
2. Better chewing efficiency.
3. Highly esthetic value.


1. Lack of confidence due to unaesthetic look and removable dentures.
2. Available implant treatments.
3. Single tooth implant.
4. Multiple teeth implants.
5. Implant supported fix denture.

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